Hi Wael, nice to meet you! Could you briefly talk about yourself?

My name is Wael Elmetwaly, I am currently working as an IT project manager in Germany. With my experience in project management, I have had the opportunity to handle various IT projects, ensuring their successful delivery.

If you were a vegetable - what would you be and why?

I'd be a broccoli. Just as broccoli is versatile and can fit into many dishes, I adapt and fit into various roles and situations in project management.

Do you have a dream job? And which and why?

My current role as an IT project manager aligns closely with my dream job. I enjoy overseeing projects from inception to completion, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. The satisfaction of successfully completing a project is unparalleled.

What were the outcomes for you throughout in your projects?

Throughout my career, I've successfully managed several IT projects. The outcomes have always been positive, with projects delivered on time and within budget. The feedback I've received from stakeholders has also been overwhelmingly positive.

How did you feel about the coaching process?

As a coach, I find the coaching process deeply rewarding. It allows me to share my knowledge, experiences, and best practices with others. Seeing my coachee grow, develop their skills, and achieve their goals gives me immense satisfaction. Additionally, the process is a two-way street; I also learn from my coachees, gaining new perspectives and continuously improving my coaching techniques. It's a collaborative journey of growth for both the coach and the coachee.

What you need to know before starting with the We code IT Academy?

It’s not an easy process and comes with responsibility.

How is the coaching process?

Based on my experience, the coaching process is structured and effective, tailored to individual needs, and emphasizes both theoretical knowledge and practical application. Additionally, it comes with all needed materials and resources.

What is advice for someone who wants to start in IT in Germany?

Germany has a robust IT sector. My advice would be to first gain a solid foundational knowledge of IT concepts, learn the German language, understand the work culture, and network with professionals in the industry. It's also beneficial to stay updated with the latest technological trends.

How did you find out about the We Code IT Academy?

I came across the We code IT Academy through we-integrate.de website.

Wael, it was very great to have you in our interview! We look forward to more collaborations!!