Introduction, Name and History/Background

My name is Olivier Ishimwe, and I was born in Kigali, Rwanda. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, followed by two years of pursuing a Master's degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Image Processing in Paris.

In 2019, I relocated to Germany, where I embarked on a self-guided journey to learn about web development and explore new technologies to enhance my coding skills.

Just last month, in July, I successfully completed a six-month Full Stack web developer training program at WBS Nürnberg.

Now, I am actively seeking a job opportunity in the field of web development.

If you were a vegetable - what would you be and why?

I would certainly compare myself to an olive, not only because of my name but also due to its healthy attributes. People from Mediterranean regions who consume olives regularly are known for their longevity and happiness.

Like olives, I have a strong inclination to assist others, share knowledge, and continuously learn from them. These actions contribute to the construction of a durable and solid foundation of knowledge.

Similarly, happiness plays a pivotal role in all facets of self-improvement. When you enjoy what you do, it significantly contributes to your overall happiness.

Do you have a dream job? and which and why?

My dream job is to become a web developer, and I am actively pursuing this career path. My interest in technology has been a part of me since childhood, and as I grew up alongside the internet boom, I naturally gravitated towards learning web programming.

Web development is an ideal choice for me because it seamlessly combines programming with creativity. I find it to be a dynamic field that is in a perpetual state of evolution.

What were the outcomes for you?

It is undeniably a valuable learning opportunity that has greatly assisted me. Mark has been instrumental in enhancing my application documents, as well as improving my website where I showcase my projects.

He provided insights into the development market, its prerequisites, and guided me on how to attain them.

How did you feel about the coaching process?

The process is good; Mark has a structured way of explaining, and he also assigned me homework and tasks, which helps me become an autonomous developer.

What you need to know before starting with We code IT Academy?

I don't believe there are any specific requirements before starting there. However, I visited the website of We code IT Academy, where I found a lot of information about it. It was from there that I initiated contact with we integrate e.V., they provided me with the simple form for registration:

Once submitted, Mark got back to me fairly quickly through email.

How is the coaching process?

The coaching process involves several steps:

  • Introduction and getting to know each other.
  • Reviewing my background and discussing my objectives.
  • Learning about We code IT Academy, its mission, and how it can assist me in reaching my goals.
  • Understanding the developer job market's expectations and how to meet them.

What is some advice for someone who wants to start in IT in Germany?

The first piece of advice is to seek guidance. Information Technology (IT) is a vast field with numerous sub-branches, and it's easy for individuals to feel overwhelmed by the array of technologies, platforms, schools, and websites.

The best approach to avoid this potential overwhelm is to seek assistance. We code IT Academy is an excellent resource for this purpose. Alternatively, you can connect with someone already working in IT to gain valuable insights and advice.

How did you find out about We code IT Academy?

I stumbled upon it randomly on the internet. I was searching for a web developer bootcamp, and your website appeared in the search results. After reading about it, I found the concept very intriguing.